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Signet offers factory commercial replacement printheads for most label printer and thermal printer manufacturers. Signet also carries other printer supplies such as wax, wax-resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons compatible with your thermal transfer printer. Shipping is very fast and our prices are unbelievably low.

We carry thermal print heads for most printer manufacturers including: Zebra Printheads, Datamax, Intermec, Sato, Toshiba Tec, Carl Valentin, Cab, Avery/Novexx, Imaje Markpoint, Markem, Videojet, Bellmark.

To find your Signet replacement part number, please refer to the manufacturer name and model number listed below. As you can see, we carry a wide selection. If you don't see your label printer or thermal printer manufacturer, please give us a call.

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Model Part # Model Part #
Smartdate II  53mm 34986BA Smartdate V  53mm 5825525
Smartdate III  53mm 34986BA Smartdate II + III 107mm 36059BA
Smartdate X40  53mm 10042449 Smartdate X60 53mm 10058307
Smartdate X40 32mm ENM10104643 Smartdate 18i (8018) 32mm 10018596
Smartdate X65  53mm ENM10104650 Smartdate X45 53mm ENM10104642
Smartdate X60 128mm ENM10104685    
Model Part # Model Part #
Dataflex 53mm 215984 6210 TTO Printer 403325
Dataflex 107mm 216585 6320 53mm KCE-53-12PAJ1-VJTR 215984
6230 32mm 408300 6330/6530/Hawk 53mm KCE-53-12PAJ1-VJTN 407933
6330 32mm 408657 9550 53mm 407064
9550 107mm 406315 6530 107mm 408554
ZEBRA ZEBRA Printheads
Model Part # Model Part #
105SL 203dpi G32432-1M EXZ-QL220 203dpi CC16662-2
105SL 300dpi G32433M EXZ-QL320 203dpi AN18247-1
105SL Plus 203dpi P1053360-018 EXZ-QL420 203dpi RK18252-1
110Xi4 300dpi P1004232 EXZ-105SL-8 203dpi G32432-1M
110Xi4 203dpi P1004230 EXZ-Z4M-8 203dpi G79056-1M
110Xilll Plus 203dpi G41000-1M EXZ-ZM400-8 203dpi 79800M
110Xilll Plus 300dpi G41001M EXZ-110xi-8 203dpi G41000-1M
140Xi4 203dpi P1004234 EXZ-S4M-8 203dpi G41400M
140Xill/III/IIIPlus 203dpi G48000M EXZ-2844-8 203dpi 105910-053
170Xi4 203dpi P1004236 EXZ-2824-203Q 203dpi 105910-148
170Xi4 300dpi P1004237
160S, 170XiII/III/IIIPlus, 170PAX2/3/4 203dpi G38000M
170Xill/III/IIIPlus, 170PAX2/3/4 300dpi G46500M
S4M 203dpi G41400M
S4M 300dpi G41401M
Z4M / Z4M+ / Z4000 203dpi G79056-1M
Z4M / Z4M+ / Z4000 300dpi G79057M
ZM400 203dpi 79800M
ZM400 300dpi 79801M
ZM600 203dpi 79803M
ZM600 300dpi 79804M
ZT200 Series 203dpi P1037974-010
ZT410 203dpi P1058930-009
Model Part # Model Part #
(8 DPMM) HT200e G00011000 (8 DPMM) GL408e R10100000
(8 DPMM) XL400e LR840XRVe-2 G00012000 (12 DPMM) GL412e R10101000
(12 DPMM) LM412e LM412e-2 G00251000 (8) CT408iTT R10168000
(12 DPMM) M8465Se G00258000 (12) CT412iTT R10169000
(8 DPMM) DR308e G00263000 (24) CT424iTT R10170000
M8400/M8400S (6-DOT) GH000401A (12 DPMM) LM412e R11375000
(8 DPMM) DR300 GH000581A (8 DPMM) LM408e-2 R11375100
(12 DPMM) DR310 GH000591A (24) CT424iDT R12108000
(8 DPMM) CL608e M8460Se (LH4423AS) GH000661A (8 DPMM) CG208TT R13864000
(12 DPMM) CL612e (LH6409AK) GH000671A (12 DPMM) CG212TT R13865000
(8 DPMM) CL408e LM408e GH000741A (8 DPMM) CG208DT R13869000
MB400 GH000761A (12 DPMM) CG212DT R13870000
(12 DPMM) CL412e XL410e LR842XRVe-2 GH000771A (8 DPMM) TG308e R14222000
(8 DPMM) M8485Se (LH4437S) GH000781A (12 DPMM) TG312e R14223000
(8 DPMM) M8459Se (LH4439K) GH000801A (8 DPMM) CG408TT R14464020
M8400RVE/M8400RV GH000811A (12DPMM) CG412TT R14465020
(12 DPMM) M8490Se (LH6413S) GH000831A (8 DPMM) CG408DT R14481011
MB200 GH900041A (12 DPMM) CG412DT R14482011
(8 DPMM) M5900RVe P00273000 (8 DPMM) TH208 R14565030
(12 DPMM) M10e-XX PR7A60101 (8 DPMM) CT400 CT400-2 RC0A20302
XL400 R00182000 (12 DPMM) CT410 CT410-2 RC0A20402
XL410 R00183000 CX400 WCX405701
(8 DPMM) CT408iDT D508 R04733001 CX410 ALL EX WWCX45801
(8 DPMM) MB201i R05606000 (8 DPMM) GT408e WWGT05810
(8 DPMM) MB200i R06530000 (12 DPMM) GT412e WWGT05820
(8 DPMM) Lt408 R07333000 (24 DPMM) GT424e WWGT05830
(8 DPMM) S8408 R08081010 (8 DPMM) M84Pro-2 WWM845800
(12 DPMM) S8412 R08082010 (12 DPMM) M84Pro-3 WWM845810
(24 DPMM) S8424 R08083020 (24 DPMM) M84Pro-6 WWM845820
(12) CT412iDT R08329100 CX108 YVCX20038
(8 DPMM) MB400i R09304000 CX208 PRINTHEAD YVCX20052
(12 DPMM) MB410i R09305000

In addition to those listed above, Signet Supplies the following other brands:  
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